How To Get the Best Photos On Your Wedding Day


How To Get the Best Photos On Your Wedding Day

1. Choose photographers you feel comfortable with.

  • You’ll spend more time with your photographers than almost anyone else on your wedding day.

2. Consider a “no electronics” ceremony that your friends/bridal party can simply enjoy.

  • This also keeps the aisle clear during the ceremony for a great shot of the kiss.

3. Allow plenty of time for photos.

  • Almost every “session” of the day takes 30 minutes or more.  Plan at least:
    - 30 minutes for bridal reveal (if you’re doing one).
    - 45 minutes for family photos.
    - 45-60 minutes for bridal party and bride/groom photos following the ceremony.

4. Consider doing a bridal reveal.

  • If you're not tied to the tradition, setting aside time for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony creates a beautiful (photographable) moment and allows for nearly all posed photos to be completed early in the day.

5. Do an engagement session.

  • The only way to know for sure if you feel comfortable with your photographers is to let them take pictures of you.  You'll be amazed how much this sets you at ease on your big day.

6. Always kiss for at least three seconds. 

  • It gives us the time we need to take the photo.  This one’s torture, we know. ;)


7. Keep a tidy dressing room.

  • We won’t tell if you scarfed a bacon double cheeseburger before the ceremony, but wrappers in the background of your photos will.

8. Consider the photos when picking your venue.

  • If your church/venue is in a strip mall or industrial area, allow a little extra time to travel/walk to more scenic locations for bridal party and couple photos.
  • If the only dressing rooms available are in the basement and/or decorated as children’s classrooms, think about renting a hotel room or getting ready at a friend’s house.

9. Make an itinerary and share it with your photographers.

  • Even if you want to “go with the flow” for the day, making an itinerary helps both you and your photographers know approximately when everything is going to happen.  This actually decreases your stress on the wedding day, even when everything is running late (like it does for everyone’s wedding).

10. Relax.

  • The only thing that really matters is the “I do”s.  If the cake melts, the flowers wilt, the ring bearer spills juice on his tux, or something catches on fire, don’t worry about it.  Remember what matters most, and everything else will be a funny memory.

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Shelley and Eric married - Omaha Wedding Photographers


Shelley and Eric married - Omaha Wedding Photographers

When I first met Shelley and Eric at Delice at Midtown Crossing, I knew that I was going to like them.  Shelley is a writer, and Eric works in printing.  They weren't terribly interested in overly posed photos that made everyone look stiff, unnatural, and smiley.  Capturing the spirit of the day mattered more to them, and they were happy to give fellow creatives the room we needed to accomplish that goal.

From the groom's cake celebrating Eric's obsession with trains, to the scrabble board where friends could write messages, the little touches throughout the day made it truly theirs.

Shelley and Eric were the perfect couple to kick off our 2015 wedding season with, and they didn't even let a little late April rain keep them from having a blast with the family, friends, and us!